There Is No Planet B - Stafford Green Arts Festival - Environmental Awareness Poetry Competition 2021

Please enter poetry in three age group categories:

Primary School Age Children from Year 3 - Year 6

Young People from Year 7 - Year 11

Adults Age 16 and Over

Any environmental topic is welcomed.

We hope to raise awareness through poetry of many of the environmental issues affecting Planet Earth, the impact of these, and ways we might make a positive difference.

Please send your poems - maximum 3 entries per person and maximum 30 lines per poem - as a Microsoft Word document in 12 point arial font to with the subject heading 'Environment'.

The deadline for submissions is 30th November 2020. Submissions will be read during December by Staffordshire Poet Laureate Mel Wardle Woodend, and a panel of judges, and winners will be notified by January.

An awards ceremony will be held for winning poets (currently planned via Zoom unless Covid safe to hold in a face to face format).

There will be an opportunity for poets who have submitted to the competition, to take part in an online poetry night, held by WORD Stafford, as part of There Is No Planet B Stafford Green Arts Festival 2021. This will take place via Zoom.

All poems received will be considered for the 2021 poetry anthology to be published by Dream Well Writing Ltd.